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Energy Science for Tomorrow


Energy Science for Tomorrow is a first-of-its-kind joint initiative of the ETH Domain institutions – ETHZ, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich; EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne; Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology; PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute, along with the Swiss Museum of Transport in Luzern to engage with and inform you about the research we do to achieve a net-zero energy system. ES4T is funded by the ETH board under the joint initiative scheme.

Energy Transition

clean energy

Accessible and cost-effective production of renewable power, underscored by sustainability, defines clean energy. This entails responsibly and economically utilizing sources such as hydropower and solar energy to meet energy requirements.

future mobility

In Switzerland’s forward-looking approach to mobility, sustainable technologies, smart infrastructure, and innovative transportation solutions converge to foster efficiency, environmental consciousness, and the development of a connected, accessible transportation ecosystem for all.

sustainable buildings, cities, and communities

Sustainable cities exemplify an ideal fusion of innovation and environmental consciousness, emphasizing eco-friendly practices, efficient urban planning, and community well-being, setting a global benchmark for sustainable living.

greenhouse gas reductions

Switzerland takes the lead in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, showcasing a dedicated stance against climate change. Employing innovative policies and embracing sustainable practices, the nation endeavors to shape a future that is both greener and more resilient.

visions of a net-zero swiss energy system

Switzerland aspires to establish a net-zero energy system, leading the way in innovative solutions for sustainable power generation and consumption. With a dedicated commitment to diminishing carbon footprints, the nation is actively working towards a more environmentally friendly future.


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